Xbox One S Won't Launch Games?

I refurbish Xbox Ones and purchased an Xbox One S second hand that I thought was going to be an easy fix. Unfortunately I was wrong and I cannot figure this out and am hoping someone here can help. The problem is no games will load - they load the splash screen and then crash back to the Xbox home screen with no error message at all. This includes both digital and disc based games.

I have tried all of the following:

  1. Factory reset the console.
  2. Replace the hard drive and rebuild from OSU.
  3. Sign into a different account.
  4. Replace the power supply.
  5. Disconnected the optical drive.
  6. Tried a disc based game in offline mode.

None of the above have changed the situation at all. I initially thought it could be an HDMI / HDCP handshake issue but Netflix and blu-rays play without issue so I think this rules out the HDMI port. I also tried game streaming to a laptop without the Xbox connected to a TV and that doesn't work either.

One thing I did notice is when I replaced the hard drive, my flash drive was using OSU1 from July. The console already had the August update installed so I had to download the newer OSU1 from August for that to work. I checked to see if the console was enrolled in an insiders build and I don't think it is (after I enrolled the console, there were no updates available). I then un-enrolled the console and factory reset yet again just to make sure and no luck.

Has anyone ran into this before and knows what else I could be missing? Thanks!

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Probably motherboard related. Did you checked the motherboard? No visible damage or anything? How about the PCB of the drive? If the drive is replaced without the original PCB, it will play DVD's/Blu-rays, but no games... Not sure about digital games, but it won't surprise me, if they are blocked as when the original PCB is not in.

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I think the disc drive PCB should be okay - when I've ran into mismatched or bad disc drive boards before, reinstalling from OSU would fail and brick the console into an E100 update loop. I don't see anything obviously burnt or broken on the motherboard but I think you're right as I can't find anything else wrong. I just don't know what this could be that would let the console boot and everything else function normally aside from launching a game.

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@atrotter01 Okay, so the PCB of the drive should be good. I admit that this is a weird issue which I've not seen before. Did you measured multiple components around the motherboard? Nothing missing (pieces that felt off)?

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