shutoff and reboot when launching game then fine after reboot

When the PC has been shutdown, the next time I launch a game it will shutdown unexpectedly without fail on launching a video game. Then after reboot works until the next shutdown (but rarely does also do the same thing at random).

I have tested the RAM with a boot disk utility, replaced the PSU , replaced the hard disk with an SSD, and finally reinstalled the OS.

The specs are as follows:


GTX 1650

i7 4770K

Lenovo Sharkbay Mobo

Powercool 80 plus PSU 750W (tried a Corsair 450W PSU and did nothing to fix it)

16 GB DDR3

Windows 10 Home (newly installed)

This problem has been persisting for the last 8 ish months.

EDIT: windows event log displays error 6008, 41 and 168

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Have you tried with the onboard graphics, you didn't say? Here are the latest onboard graphics drivers as the ones on the Lenovo support site are a bit old

Also did you update the Nvidia GPU drivers to the latest version?

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@jayeff I have the latest Nvidia and Intel drivers

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@Ben Kaye

Does it happen when using the Intel GPU as well, you didn't say.?

Just trying to eliminate the GPU as the problem

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