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The Xbox Wireless Controller, manufactured by Microsoft, is commonly used with the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but the controller can also be used on a PC. This includes repair information for model numbers 1537, 1697, 1698 (Elite), 1708, and 1914.

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What is the Xbox One Controller raisonnable deadzone? Is 18 % ok?

Quick question about Xbox One controller. I got a Xbox One controller that was having joystick drift and some parts missing on the joystick module so I changed the whole joystick module to resolve the problem. Now that the job is done, the horizontal axis center at 18 % on the right side. Knowing that the default deadzone are 24 % on the Xbox One and I don't notice any drift while playing game. Is this a fix ? Would you resell that controller ?

I know that PS4 controller are a lot more sensitive and that I wouldn't tolerate such thing but what about Xbox One controller ?

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I found an answer online and 18 % seems to be the % when drift can occur in some game.

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