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Screen glitching/flickering issue, works on external display

I have an issue where the screen on the MacBook has a glitching issue. Video below.

Now I am not one to pretend that I really look after this machine, it’s been dropped many times and has gotten quite damp in my backpack when it was once raining. However still after all of these things happening it’s always performed fine. 

Some information to help repair is after the Mac got damp the screen started to to turn green, so I immediately turned it off and left it for a day and hair dried it for a good while. This seemed to have fixed this issue, however when the MacBook got cold on a different day it started to do this green tint around the bezel area and effecting around the screen still.

Then after a day I came back home and opened my MacBook to find a strange glitching. Could this glitching be due to the issues with the screen or could it be an issue with the logic board?

I have spent the entire day taking it apart following guides on here with other peoples issues and nothing has worked so far, no restarts no resets, had the entire MacBook in pieces including the screen to see if it had been issues with corrosion on ribbon cables. Nothing has worked so far.

A new screen is very expensive for one of these and I’m unsure if that’s even the issue (I mean probably is) but I need to be sure before spending that money to replace it. 

I’m also unsure if the strange glitching/flickering could be caused by the screen getting damp.

Need help and thank you in advance.

Update (08/30/2020)

So small update, like I mentioned in the post I have had this thing apart. I’ve been cleaning contacts I can see with isopropyl alcohol. I have also done many other things like hair dry parts to heat up and had the display cable out. I’m not sure which one has been helping but the glitching has slowed down. From seeing the video before the glitching was much wors, it definitely hasn’t stopped but it will do it on and off every 1 second. So 1 sec of flickering and then 1 sec of normal screen. I’m not sure what I’m doing is helping but it has become slightly better.

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general rule of thumb… if the external screen works, and the internal has issues, then most of the time a replacement screen will do the job.

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