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Guías para la versión Wi-Fi del iPad Mini 2. Anunciado el 22 de octubre y lanzado el 12 de noviembre de 2013. El iPad mini 2, también conocido como iPad mini con pantalla Retina, tiene todos los píxeles del iPad Air en un tamaño más pequeño de 7.9" factor de forma.

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What tools do I need for repairing fpc connector

Hey All,

I was wondering if someone here could help me get started with microsoldering and help me find the tools I need. I have been able to get my on a lot of ipads and iPhones which couldn't be fixed in a center (they didn't do soldering repairs) so I want to experiment with them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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I assume this is the digitizer FPC touch screen connector right?

You’ll need the following:

  • Soldering iron
  • Fine pointed tweezers for pick up and placement of the old/new FPC connector
  • Solder wire (leaded of course is always better, non leaded has a higher melting point making it harder to use)
  • Hot air rework station: A good quality one goes a long way, the cheap ones may not provide enough heat or constant temperature to remove the old FPC connector quickly and easily.
  • Flux: AMtech NC559-V2-TF (doesn’t have to be exact there are similar models that are good) is what I use. Cheap flux may not let the solder flow well with solder joints, pads or connectors and can increase the chances of solder bridging.
  • Solder Wick: To remove old solder mostly for non-leaded solder to put in place leaded solder.

Note that the FPC connector is quite fragile where some pins may break off when unplugging the digitizer ribbon cable. To avoid this always unplug from the shorter end with nail or a flat rigid spudger (nylon plastic types will do).

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Yea indeed.

Do you have any suggestions for a decent soldering station and m hot air station?

Thank you for your help

- de

Quick 861DW for Hot Air Station and Hakko FX-951 these are quite expensive options there may be cheaper alternatives.

- de

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