Has anybody upgraded the iMac Pro with RAM that is not from OWC?

I want to upgrade an iMac Pro to 128GB of RAM, but the OWC upgrade kits are quite expensive. I’ve also have some bad experiences with OWC in the past. However, I would like to know if anybody has had success using DDR4 EEC RAM from any other brand? I fear going through all the trouble of putting in new RAM only to find out it’s not compatible.

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Hi there should be some, as far i know, some reputable brands i will get, like, crucial ram for apple , kingston KTA series ram for apple.

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Crucial has a tool on their website to find the correct RAM for your device. However, when selecting the iMac Pro, they offer no available upgrades. They do have DDR4 2666Mhz ECC RAM though, like the CT32G4RFD4266.

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I found something fun: iFixit offers an upgrade kit as well, and in the high resolution picture of the RAM upgrade kit you can see they use Hynix hma84gr7afr4n modules. I think I'm going to order those exact modules, to ensure they're compatible.

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