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After replacing charging port the taptic engine has stopped working :/

So yea, my iPhone 8 stopped charging so I bought a cheap wireless charger just to be sure if the problem was the battery or the port itself, and it was the charging port.

So I replaced the charging port, did everything in the ifixit guide for iP8 charging port replacement, and it works, and the home button works (tho hard due to no taptic), touch ID works, wireless charging works, wire charging, microphones and so on all works. Its just the taptic engine that has stopped working.

Anyone had a similar problem and know a fix? :)

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You may have damaged the ribbon cable on accident when putting it back into the phone. it also might possibly be that it was not put in the correct way. I recommend taking it out and examining it and then making sure that the cable gets snapped into space correctly. if that doesn’t fix the problem maybe try using a different part. if that dose on work it may be a board or software issue.

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Thanks, I will give it a try :)

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