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Repair and disassembly guides for Asus tablets.

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Zenpad 7 Z170C won't turn on after touch screen replacement

Dear all,

I have a tablet Asus Zenpad 7" (model Z170C-1A045A, Z170C_MB motherboard). The touch screen broke last winter. I ordered a new screen this time ago and try to replace it recently, but the tablet won't turn on. :(

I followed this video tutorial How To Replace LCD Touchscreen Asus Zenpad C7 Z170CG. This tuto shows the case of a Z170CG_MB motherboard model (noticeable at 2:56).

At 1:40 and 9:50, a copper-like strip is replaced under the battery. My tablet is a Z170C_MB doesn't seem to have this strip. I wonder if this can explain the issue.

What should I do as a next step to try to make this tablet working? Can I perform some checkings before, for example, replacing the battery too?

Best regards.

(Disclaimer: I posted this question in english and in french. If it got solved in one language, I'll translate - or let the answerer to do so - in the other one.)

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Thanks to the answer provided in french, I rechecked and my tablet is now charging. Below the translation (with DeepL Translator) of the answer and related comments:


In order to identify the problem, it is necessary to be sure that the problem does not come from the replacement screen (it is frequent). Try to put the old screen back on to be sure.


Thank you for the answer. The other screen is very damaged, but I will try this test. I don't have to worry about the tape not being there at all?


I still think that a check is still needed about the compatibility of the hardware you have acquired.

In fact, depending on the supplier of the replacement equipment, some people overlook components that they consider unnecessary or that you have to transfer to you during a repair.


The good news is that I just plugged the old display back in and the tablet was able to turn on after plugging it in. Even better, when I plugged the new screen back in, the tablet was able to turn on, but I can't explain why.

Thank you very much for your advice!

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