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Why is "Channel up" on my TV remote jumping to channel 700 when press

Every time I press “channel up" it jumps to channel 700 (radio) regardless of what channel I start on. If I continue pressing it after that, it scans up as normal, until it reaches the first TV channel, and then it goes back to channel 70/ again. I have a 10 month old daughter, so I suspect she's pressed something on the remote. Everything else works fine.

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What is the model number of the TV?

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Click ‘List’ (the button symbol is three horizontal lines, kind of like a cheeseburger symbol). Change the setting in the drop down from ‘Antenna Radio Channels’ to ‘All Satellite Channels’

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Thanks this helped for my Sharp Aquos Smart android TV, I had the same. Whilst in a TV or radio channel press MTS > language displays e.g. English > press ok then hit < left or right > until you see “all channels” at the top of the panel.

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Channel changers generally have a favorites position. It may be in that mode now.

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