Can't Take Photos + Black Screen + Lens Gets Stuck Halfway

I recently dropped my Canon G7X Mark ii and the flip screen got loose and detached from the camera body. This also ripped the flex cable that connects the screen to the body in half. I replaced the flex cable and tried to power on the camera. It powers on, but I get a black screen equivalent to as if it was turned off. There are no signs of backlight. There are no cracks on the screen from the damage either. Battery is fully charged. I tried taking a photo by pressing down on the shutter button but nothing happens.

When you turn it on, the lens extends outwards. When you turn it off, the lens either stays extended or it retracts half way. If I hit the play button while it is extended, the lens retracts all the way which is how I turn off the camera now. At this point, I’m not sure if it is simply just the problem with the flex cable and the screen. I feel that it may be another issue with the camera. If anyone have any suggestions, please let me know!

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Same issues for me. However, I did not drop the camera but I suddendly noticed screen hinges stuck. Afterwards, same symptoms as Pil Yang. Teared down back panel and checked flat cable: no visible damage.

Any suggestion welcome.

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I also have this problem. I even took it to Best Buy but they told me they can not do anything or even look at it without a protection plan, I just want to figure out who I can send it to or what to do to get it to work

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