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La actualización de Apple de marzo de 2019 de tu tableta iPad Air, con un procesador A12 Bionic y una pantalla de 10.5".

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Screen White Pressure Point

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Ive been seeing this white spot on my screen, and the reps at Best Buy said it was a pressure point on the screen. I tried using a small vacuum pump to try and pull the screen back up from that spot, but it hasn’t fixed it.

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Best Buy Geek Squad really doesn’t know much about repair other than selling a solution. That white spot could be a couple things like a pressure point if the frame was bent or the battery swelling, although that doesn’t seem likely as that tablet came out just last year. It could also be a defective LCD.

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Any thoughts on how I could possibly fix it? Everything else works fine. Just that the spot itself is right there in my line of sight and what I’ve tried so far doesn’t work

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@ibsinrg you'll have to take it apart to find out what's wrong with it before you can fix it. I would start by taking the screen off but be very careful. The glass is fused to the LCD, so if you damage the glass or LCD, you'll need to buy a whole new screen assembly. Follow the ifixit guides to take it apart.

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