"The network channel assigned to your Wi-Fi network is not supported."

Bought this printer second hand, and it didn’t come with any installation CD. I installed the drivers/utilities/etc available on the Epson website, but when I try to connect my printer to Wi-Fi, I get this message. If I try to manually input my SSID, it doesn’t work. When I try to connect via direct USB cable, I can install successfully, but the printer status says “drivers not available”. I’ve been working on this for the last hour and I’m super frustrated, so any advice would help.

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What is your system a PC or a Mac? Also what is the make, model and OS release you are using.

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If it is a wifi issue, perhaps it is not compatible with the frequency of your network. I've had devices that are not compatible with 2.4 or 5 GHZ networks. I had to enable it in the settings to get it to work.

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