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Stationary AirCon unit overheated compressor

Hi all. I'm new to the page and after some research I couldn't find similar topic/issue.

We have a floor standing unit Amcor 12000 BTU and after about a year of usage as aircon in summer occasionally and more often ad dehumidifier in winter it suddenly stopped blowong cold air.

They didn't accept it under warranty as apparently the “exhaust “ pipe wasnt lined up in less than 30 degrees to the unit which they said caused a compressor overheating. Unfortunately I wasnt aware of that and when they asked for a video and picture how the unit is positioned I didn't adjust it to meet the criteria so they have an evidence that it wasnt - my bad.

My question is, can this be fixed or I'm looking at purchasing new unit?

The unit cost was around 380GBP and they offered me a new unit deal for £250 plus this faulty one.

Many thanks for any help.

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Buy the new unit. it will be more cost effective for you.

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