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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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Ribbon lock joycon Left

I replaced the stick on two of my joy cons. One was successfully fixed. My second one, had the gray ribbon connector lock come off completely and I can't seem to get it back on. Is this salvageable.

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Hello Virgilio,

I assume you mean the little ‘flap‘ you use to secure the connector in place. It’s there to put pressure onto the ribbon cable to make sure it’s making a good contact. If you have still have the “gray ribbon connector lock“ intact, it can indeed be placed back, however, I would not recommend doing this without a microscope else you’re risking damaging the connector even more. Now, it’s not necessary to have the ‘flap‘ there. You could instead use a small piece of thin plastic sheet and stick in under the ribbon (in between the ribbon and the connector) to put pressure onto said ribbon. Once in place and verify if it’s working and put some glue over the connector to secure it in place. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to do this on YouTube

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Thanks a bunch! This was really helpful!

- de

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