Why won't my Saeco Incanto Sirius SBS start?


I’ll explain below the whole problem and hopefully someone will be able to help me.

One morning, after my wife started our Saeco Incanto Sirius SBS, it rinsed, then she pressed the button for one espresso. The machine grinded the coffee beans and just left it in the brew group, because no water came through, so at that moment I understood it might be a water problem.

However, the grinded coffee amount wasn't enough, it was less than normal.

Immediately after that, I did only a cleaning cycle(no descaling unfortunately as I didn't have the solution at hand), but that didn't help.

I powered it off and after opening the top of it, I saw that the grinder wasn't in the correct position.

After correcting the grinder position, I started it up and tried to make a coffee.

Same result as before, obviously, and after trying a few more times(to push through the barrier?, wasn't thinking, sorry), the espressor just shut down by itself and would not start again. I have to say, the whole case was a bit hot when it happened.

I got the service manual and I believe the thermal fuse might be the problem for starting up, but I don't know about the rest.

Could you please help me fix it?


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