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La única versión wi-fi del iPad Air de Apple, número de modelo A1474. Disponible en Space Gray o Silver, incluye el procesador A7 personalizado y se envía en configuraciones de 16, 32, 64 y 128 GB.

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Ipad Not charging past 19% and shuts down after 2min run time

Hi everyone,

Just replaced the battery on my iPad Air.

Seems now the iPad won’t charge (first) past 28%. After 24 hours sitting on the official 2A Apple charger, I put it on the 1A (iPhone) for another 24 hours hoping maybe the first charge needed a slower rate. Still nothing.

I tried then to recalibrate it by using the iPad unplugged till 10% but it keeps dying on me (self rebooting) after about 2 minutes being on. It doesn’t seem related to how much power i use (playing a fancy graphical game vs sitting on the home screen), fairly around 2 min.

I tried also the reboot, reset settings, turning off some settings (airplane mode, refresh apps…) but nothing seems to clear the problem.

Any idea on what to try next? Thanks

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It’s most likely a faulty replacement battery it’s not holding its charge / voltage properly.

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Thanks for the quick response. Do you say I should ask iFixit for a replacement of the new battery?

- de

I do recommend contacting them first if the battery was from them.

- de

Thank you Ben! That must have been the new battery. They sent me a new one and it works properly now.

- de

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