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Front camera not working after logic board replacement

Hi all,

I replaced the logic board of my iPhone XS Max and now the front-facing camera is not working.

I understand that, after replacing the logic board, only FaceID will not work. However, I have never heard that the front-facing camera will not work as well.

In this case, do I have to replace the front-facing camera as well?

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I can agree that the face-ID will not work but I couldn’t imaging the front facing camera fully not working if you have another camera try and swap it to see if that makes a difference or try your camera in another XS Max if the camera works in another phone you have a issue with the logic board, but if a new camera works in your phone then it is just the camera that is damaged.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your comment.

Unfortunately, I don't have any spare phone to test this. But I think that it is highly likely that my front-facing camera is broken.

- de

Yeah there is a good chance mate No matter what the issue is with my device i always rule parts problems out first as they are always the easiest to fix & test.

In my opinion.

Let us know if you solve your issue.

- de

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Hi there

For feedback, i had the same issue, i moved one motherboard from one xs max to another, and had the front camera problem, then i swapped the part and voilá!

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