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Portable battery powered Bluetooth speakers

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My speaker also doesn't switch on , I used the wrong charger

The voltage used was input 100- 240v output 12.0v plug. Bluetooth speaker model number: BT1403s

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Can you reply back please

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Hi @asha2013

If the speaker is a Tesco BT1403s? then according to what is on the internet (and there’s not much information online about this speaker) then maybe a 5V DC power output adapter should have been used.

If it is 5V DC then the speaker will have to be opened and inspected as to what damage would have been caused by applying 12V to the speaker.

Post some images of the speaker back here showing the speaker’s charge port. There may be some information next to it as to what the charge voltage should be. The type of charge port can then also be seen which may help

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