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El Xbox original es el primer sistema de videojuegos de Microsoft. Tiene una carcasa negra fácilmente identificable con 'XBOX' blasonado en la parte superior y frontal. La reparación es fácil con herramientas comunes.

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Disc read error but only right after startup.

This is a weird issue for sure, but I purchased an original Xbox that is a disc read error that only occurs after inserting a disc immediately after startup. It loads a disc that has been left in the tray on startup, but if you insert a new disc right after startup you get an error. I can get it to read the disc by ejecting and reinserting.

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Original Xbox drives are famously known for DRE issues sadly. I bought 2 for $40 and one of them had a bad drive from the beginning that just wouldn’t work, but the other one was fine (likely Phillips based on the tray). Thompson and Samsung SDG-605 -006 drives are known to have DRE issues more often the other drives used in these consoles. With the original Xbox, you can buy whatever drive you want since they are not paired and Live V1 has been dead since 2010, so if you have a SDG-605 -006 or Thompson it is advisable to buy the Phillips or Hitatchi drive. However, Hitachi drives are rare and expensive, while Phillips ones come at a premium but are easy to find. As far as the Samsungs go, do not bother with the SDG-605 unless you get a good price AND make sure it’s a -005 revision, since these are the better of the two Samsung models. However, these are hard (but not impossible to find) since they work with backup games so well and people drive swap modified consoles. If you need additional information, refer to this page for information on the DVD drives the original uses.

I did eventually repair the DRE console since I FINALLY found a reasonably priced drive (Phillips VAD6035/21), but it took a while due to the cost. If you have an urge to play it now, I'd find another console and check for a replacement drive on a regular basis.

If you know the minimum trimpot level and safe maximum (you will need to find this on your own), it is possible to trimpot the lasers to potentially get them to work again, but you need to have a multimeter and descent electronics experience. I’ve found people who do not know how to do it safely will ruin the laser and potentially a game or two in the process.

If you have a Samsung, me and @bulkchart32 had a discussion on trying to fix ours here: Which laser do I need? (Rev.A Samsung SDG-605). The information on this pertains to the SDG-605, so if you have another brand of drive this WILL NOT APPLY. Ultimately my original drive was unrepairable, but the information may still help you since you have nothing to lose, since Xbox shovelware testers are cheap.

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i tried a couple of those replacement lasers for the samsung drive and they didn't even work. so "buyer beware" there. where'd u find a good phillips laser replacement @nick ?

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@bulkchart32 I bought the whole drive. eBay.

I already sunk money into a laser with no luck, so I just bought a whole drive since it was going to cost me more to chase it down further then the whole drive.

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does the disc read error happen every single time or just once in a while?

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I’d say 90% of the time

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might want to get a refund for the xbox if u paid more than $30 for it. my xbox's have a disc read problem once in a while that is solved by simply opening and closing the tray but it is rare. what brand drive does it have?

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@bulkchart32 I didn't bother with mine since I know it's repairable and I didn't need to worry since one of my two worked. My situation was unique though since the seller was moving and I got them dirt cheap.

Had to remove a parental controls password from one of them since someone decided that was a wonderful thing to dump onto the next owner. The 360/One suck in that regard because you need to call Microsoft - the OG has a master password.

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didn't know they have a master password. what is it?

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@bulkchart32 Seeing as these are mostly adult owned now here's the info: Reset Xbox parental controls.

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