Lady Kenmore 90 Series: no agitate (only hum) but spin/drain work fine

On the wash cycle, after filling with water, the timer ticks and the motor hums without turning, thus the agitator isn’t turning. On the spin cycle, the water drains and the tub spins just fine.

I’ve tried

  1. changing the capacitor - no change
  2. checking the coupling - it’s fine.
  3. checking the transmission - works fine both directions (agitates one way, spins the other) when I turn it with a cordless drill
  4. checking the pump - it’s not clogged or bound
  5. Checked voltage at the motor. This is where I suspect my problem is.

The voltage at the motor on spin cycle is 115-118 volts and the motor spins clockwise fine in that direction.

The voltage at the motor on agitate is only 104-105 volts, and the result is a hum but no spin.

I swapped the blue and orange wires at the motor and sure enough, it spins slowly and clockwise on spin cycle via the low speed windings, but the agitate is still just a hum and no spin.

So is my problem

  • Low voltage (only 104 volts) at the motor on agitate cycle via the orange wire? And what would cause that? Bad switch?
  • Bad motor that spins clockwise fine both high and low speed windings, but won’t spin counterclockwise?

Or something else?

Update (08/02/2020)

Partially fixed… I tried swapping the motor out and that did not fix it either. After a bunch of experimenting, I found that the timer unit was not providing voltage to the starter capacitor on the agitate cycle only. So the motor and capacitor were both fine, they just weren’t getting juice to start during agitate. By bypassing some wiring, I got the motor to spin both ways now. I’m going to order a new timer unit and I should be good.

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