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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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My key is not pressing correctly?

So what happens is the key f sometimes works when u press it hard or keep pressing it.I opened it up but no fault seen.the keyboard is Tailun t36 mech+rgb.Pls HELP!!!

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Have you tried with another computer or device for the problem?

As a corrupt driver(which is nearly impossible) can also cause your Keyword to malfunction.

You can check it by connection to your Android phone via an OTG cable.

If the problem persists you might need to clean the USB connecter on both the end, (male-female)

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@arkrishna I cleaned the whole kb with spirit so does that do anything??but it is water resistant?

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@arkrishna The spirit was in a very low amount!

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@arkrishna thank u very much cleaning the USB port worked but maybe it’s not fully fixed.I will see if this is the solution

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@arkrishna The cleaning worked for a some time but after still it happend?!

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