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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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Changing the motherboard can remove iCloud

My dad forgot his iCloud password and now the iPhone is locked , is an iPhone x

I was wondering if I change the motherboard the iPhone will be unlock (NEW)? I need your opinion please

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If you change the logic board with a other logic board that is iCloud free it is ok. The iCloud lock is in the logic board.

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Thank you for your help I appreciate that

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Dude just call Apple and they’ll help him reset his iCloud password for free.. why buy a several hundred dollar part if he owns the phone..?

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@Jeff Bowles Unless you have the original POP you're SOL.

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I phone 11 pro max icloud Remove any idia

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How much icloud motherboard I phone 11 pro max

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You actually may be in a better situation then most people. Depending on how much he remembers (or if he can reset the password), he can get the phone working again. If that’s not the case or it actually came from eBay/Craigslist/OfferUp/Mercari, read on. However if you have a proof of purchase from an authorized reseller Apple will remove the lock.

Generally speaking, the cost of a replacement board is about as much as a intact iPhone. Since you’re getting a new phone by replacing the board anyway since the IMEI is going to be completely different (plus the downside of the SIM tray IMEI not matching, so nope can’t verify the IMEI# with the tray anymore, and give buyers a red flag the board is not original) often times unless you can strip it of parts, you’re usually better off dumping the iCloud lock phone “as-is” to offset the replacement cost, sadly. Let's just leave it at he won't forget ever again.

The other problem is there are NO GUARANTEES the new board is clear to activate or it isn't hiding a payment plan (which will inevitably be defaulted on and your new board is now blacklisted too). T-Mo phones are notoriously bad for this, so NEVER EVER EVER BUY A T-MO PHONE (iOS AND ANDROID) WITHOUT CHECKING THE IMEI# IF YOU INSIST ON A “LOCKED” T-MO IPHONE WHEN YOU CAN LITERALLY USE A UNLOCKED PHONE WITH THEM, OR BUY AN OLDER ONE WHICH IS FREE AND CLEAR. Between the high risk of a IMEI financing block where someone became a deadbeat on their payments and T-Mo phones being risky, this repair is best skipped. The 2.5-3 year payment plans do not help.

Since the board swap basically makes it a new phone and you’re probably going to deal with the same issue, you’re better off just finding a clean phone and replacing the entire thing.

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Thank you very much for your help

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My dad bought this iphone from a reseller on Facebook like 1year ago

So if I replace the motherboard the iPhone will be unlock

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@mohammed.elgamoussi Technically yes, but the value proposition isn't there due to the gamble of if it has device payments left or the same iCloud issues.

Apple isn't going to help you since it came from a 3rd party.

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Yesterday I bought an iPhone X motherboard for 200$ I think it's a steal

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@mohammed.elgamoussi Pray it isn't part of a carrier payment plan or iCloud locked.

It's a steal until you find out there's an activation lock or debt associated with the IMEI and you're stuck with a dead phone and a dead board - AND it's going to happen in the worst possible situation like being blocked at work. The reason we recommend a new/used phone with iCloud locks is and Apple did their homework to the point iCloud is truly a waste of time to repair. You can get a Xr or Xs and get a modest upgrade if you want it, or buy another X. Even a SE2 is an excellent upgrade if you can't buy the flagship since it's an iPhone 11 in a 8 body.

I know it hurts to see a phone die that's legally clear, but Apple won't help and you have to win the lottery to get a truly clean board. It's just one of those issues. It will live on in the form of your old display in someone else's phone and a board repair experience for someone learning. It's not just iCloud - it's paid off, not paid off or outright purchase status MATTERS.

I am telling you the exact same thing I would even tell a good friend who got one of these - return it or dump it as-is and get as much as you can for it. Do not waste a second on a repair attempt that will be in vein.

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