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Device and repair guides for the Huawei P30 smartphone. Flagship smartphone from Huawei released March 2019, featuring a 6.1" OLED screen and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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How do I leave "Ultra Power Saver Mode"?

How do I turn off the Ultra Power Saver Mode? I turned it on earlier today due to low battery, after recharging it, I went to turn it off and the UPSM is just locked on “on”, and I can’t turn it off whatever I click, yet at the same time I can put it into Performance mode, to have both “Performance Mode” and “Ultra Power Saving Mode” on, at the same time.

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“Ultra Power Saving Mode” is a battery optimizing mode for android device to gibe your mobile some extra juice before it’s dead. The UPSM usually goes off once you connect the mobile to charging port. But still, you can goto to settigs>power>battery usages and disable the “Ultra Power Saving Mode” here.

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