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La actualización de Apple de marzo de 2019 de tu tableta iPad Air, con un procesador A12 Bionic y una pantalla de 10.5".

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Black strip down 3rd quarter of screen since screen replacement

I did a digitiser and LCD repair on my iPad Air 3 and during the process got a couple drops of super glue inside (long story don't ask, wasn't even using super glue!). It was like a splatter and everything looks normal but it was working cause I had tested it and was just putting it back together when it happened. Now since then the screen has a black strip from too to bottom cover exactly the 3rd quarter of the screen. The touch still works there you just can't see anything. I can't for the life of me find anything at all about this online. Have zero idea what could be the issue. Any thoughts?

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The super glue may have got on a connector and partially disconected the LCD, check the connectors and see if it works, maybe try some isopropyl alcohol on the connectors

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