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iPad Pro 11 screen replacement and flat/sensor


i ask for an information:


1 ipad pro 11 256gb 4g with broken screen

1 ipad pro 11 256gb 4g locked. 

when i swap lcd from locked to cracked, i need to swap front sensor or i can leave the one of old ipad? (Face id is in that flat or in camera)? 

the 2 flat on the down is ok if it come from other ipad or are paired with motherboard?

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You will need to put the original sensor back onto the replacement screen. The sensor and camera are both paired to the motherboard. It might also show that the screen is not the original screen like it does on the iPhone 11 phone. It doesn't matter that they are the same parts and are original equipment but the screens serial number will show up that it's not the original one and if it's like the phone a message will come up. The only way for this to be removed is from Apple.

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i'll keep update about this next week when i'll do job.

i think that i don't have message about original screen for ipad, my personal supplier of parts from china, tell to me that ipad and iphone not have same software check about display on IC. Apple is not interested to the lcd repairs of ipads, because is difficult and sometime is anti-economy for parts suppliers to sell ipad lcd (for example today an ipad pro 11 lcd cost same as an ipad pro 11 used 64gb wifi... + need to add job... many people prefer to do work in apple at this price or bought a new one or used one)

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