Attaching Surface Keyboard Causes Unresponsive Black screen

Currently I am using my Bluetooth keyboard and wired mouse to type this…

I recently bought a surface type cover for my surface pro 4, when I try to attach the keyboard to my tablet the screen goes completely black and the device does not respond to any button commands on the keyboard or the tablet other than turning it off by holding the power button the thing does nothing.

The magical part of this problem is the second I remove the keyboard from the tablet I am able to press the sleep button on the tablet and it wakes right up like nothing happened.

I have tried the “button trick” the “drivers trick” cleaning the contacts on both the tablet and the keyboard and turning the keyboard setting on and off in the uefi settings , I even went to the full extent of a full system wipe and update everything and the keyboard still does not show up in device manager and it still turns off the screen whenever I connect the keyboard.

Any suggestions would be amazing cause I am out of ideas.

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Here is the video link showing what is happening:

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