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La familia MacBook fue introducida en Mayo del 2006 y reemplazó a el iBook como la laptop para consumidores de Apple.

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Why is the Hypermac MBP-222 external battery not charging?

Magsafe lead began to flicker first dull then bright again with the battery indicator on the tool bar showing charge then not charging respectively.

Then it began to flicker from dull to off and the battery indicator on the toolbar changed from not charging to running on internal battery.

Then it stayed off for good.

The USB port on the Hypermac works fine.

I suspected the MagSafe power lead and this was replaced with out any improvement.

The original MagSafe lead tested ok on another unit.

During my trouble shooting it was noted that when some books were placed upon the Hypermac battery while it was plugged into the MacBook it briefly worked.

I then squeezed the end of the Hypermac and the MagSafe lead got brighter and the battery indicator on the MacBooks desktop showed charge.

How is this best repaired ?

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Seems that a heatsink for a flat mounted semiconductor on the printed circuit card has the same effect when squeezed.

If it is a dry connection can it be easily resoldered on will this require specialist equipment ?


Frankly I've never been into one of these and could not find a teardown of it. I really can't tell you.


I do not have an answer, but if it makes you feel any better, I also have the same or similar issue. The USB output on my Hypermac works fine with charging an iPod, etc. But when I plug into DC-out with the Magsafe adaptor, my MBP charges for maybe 10 minutes (2-3% charge) and then quits, even though there is still a charge left on the Hypermac battery. Of course, it is now out of warranty and I do not know how to take apart the battery???


Same issue here... I will try to fixit. I think is must be some component or some temperature sensor.


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Open it and repair the short or broken solder or loose screw or loose wire on the end you squeezed.

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