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How can I remove the last screw on the bottom plate?

I am on the last step before reaching my goal of replacing the DC-in board. The phillips slot in the final screw is stripping. My son suggested trying a smaller slotted screwdriver but I'm afraid of further damage to the screw.

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Thanks very much for your advice. I can't seem to get a grip on the screw with the pliers. I probably need a smaller set. Thanks for your advice, though.

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Try turning it with a small pair of needle nosed pliers held at a right angle to the screw.

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Usually these screws are stripped when using to large a screwdriver bit. Your son is right, you need a driver small enough to fit all the way into the screw. Don't use a cheap screwdriver, I've got a several that I've torn up because the steel was of poor quality. If you don't have one and can spare the time iFixit sells them. When trying to remove it press hard while turning or you may strip it more. If you can get it out some you can also use a mosquito hemostat to grasp and turn it. Can you look at the guide and tell what size and the location of the screw. These things can live without some screws (there are so many but some are essential. The minds here can tell you if the one your having trouble with is necessary or where to rob one from.

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