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Guías de reparación y soporte para las iMacs Intel de 21.5" de Apple.

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My "p" Key doesn't work AND when I type it randomly will type "9"

I’ve tried many things,

I’ve done SMC & PRAM resets. I’ve waited longer than a month. Everything I’ve tried so far it didn’t work.

So I’m hoping maybe somebody who sees this knows how to fix this issue. I’ve also added a picture of how it looks like when I type something. It was okay with it only being the P key because I can copy and paste one letter but not a whole keyboard.

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What is your keyboard USB or Bluetooth? Did you try a second one?

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@danj No, I haven't tried a second keyboard, I use a USB keyboard, and I use a cable extender for my USB Keyboard since If I plug it in normally it doesn't work.

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Maybe its time to get a Bluetooth keyboard so you don't need to be tied to the USB cord.

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Do you have your keyboard set to multiple languages? Sometimes this will happen if you have it set to another language. What operating system are you running?

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