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Released June 2014, identified by model number B051.

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Leather covering on my ear cushion is peeling off--do I replace it?

I’ve been having a slight problem lately where the leather covering the foam on the ear cushion is starting to peel out. I used to be able to wedge it back into place with my fingernail, but I think I’ll probably have to find a more permanent answer soon. Can I just glue it back into place, or is that bad for the earphones? Should I replace the whole ear pad?

Also, would the answer be different if it was just a Solo rather than Solo2? The headphones are actually Solo, but not the HD version or anything. I don’t think there’s really a huge difference between the two.

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Here’s a video on how to replace them:

Several companies make replacement pads.

Here’s cheap ones from Amazon

Here are better ones:

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thanks, I'll try that out!

- de

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Glue near audio equipment isn’t the best idea, if you can replace it it’s probably a good idea. I’m not an expert on beats headphones and there may be better advice so I’d wait to see any more advice from others.

Hope this helps, Nick

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