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La actualización de marzo de 2015 del MacBook Air de 13" de Apple presenta procesadores Intel Core i5 e i7 de quinta generación, lo que resulta en un rendimiento ligeramente mayor y una mayor duración de la batería.

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MacBook Air will only turn on with Magsafe connected after a while

I charged my Air overnight and when I tried to turn it on in the morning it didn’t boot. I tried plugging in the Magsafe in to find that no light came on. Doing an SMC reset didn’t work. Later on, I had the MagSafe plugged in for over an hour and the orange light came on, and pressing the power button turned it on, albeit it, was very slow. If I unplug the Magsafe cord, after 5 seconds it abruptly turns off.

I doubt it would be any water damage, since I haven’t spilled anything on it, nor was I in a humid environment. Potentially the battery might have something to do with it; the “Service Battery” notification came up the day before, although it seems to charge just fine, and as I type this, says the condition is “Good”. My research says that it could be a bad Magsafe connection.

Any help would be awesome.

EDIT: Screenshot attached of CoconutBattery, doesn’t seem to be a battery issue, although 711 cycles does seem a bit extreme. I’ve also noticed that the MacSafe brick and the Mac itself is scalding hot, if that is any help in assisting. The male and female MagSafe connectors are free from debris, the MagSafe connector is about two months old, the other one broke after 4 years.

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If your system is still working lets get a better idea on your battery, install this gem of an App CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window so we can see it as well Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

Also review this Apple T/N Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters

If you think the MagSafe connector looks bad post a pic so we can see as well.

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@danj Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this, and my apologies for not responding, I've been so busy all week. I've added a CoconutBattery screenshot in the post. :)

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Well, the battery is charging and while not young still has some life left.

With almost full charge are you encountering the same issue that the system shuts down when you disconnect the charger? If you do that’s telling me the switching logic (MOSFET’s) on the logic board that are damaged. a common cause to this is using knockoff charger which looks like an Apple MagSafe but just isn’t!

Please don't buy a cheap knock off unit as they will damage your system! Get the REAL Apple unit directly from Apple. This is what your system needs: Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air

Don't Replace Your MacBook Charger With a Cheap Knockoff

OEM MagSafe Chargers vs Cheap Imposters: Teardown for Truth

Lacking safety features, cheap MacBook chargers create big sparks

FAKE Magsafe MacBook Chargers on eBay - Watch before buying a Mac Charger

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Even with a full battery, the Mac will persistently shutdown if the charger is unplugged. I am using a legitimate MagSafe charger, so I’m thinking that the IO Board might be blown? Also just tried resetting the SMC and it won’t turn on for another 20 minutes or so after the fact. Would replacing the IO Board with this work?

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If the MagSafe connector looks bad then this would help that.

But, as I stated your battery is charging! So that removes this as the issue. If the I/O board was the issue you wouldn't see power getting through.

Sadly, this points to a MOSFET issue on your logic board. You'll need to find someone with the deeper skills locally to fix your logic board.

What part of Australia do you live? Nearest city.. Maybe we can aim you to someone to help you.

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Check the magnetic male and female ie charger and laptop for minute ferrous particles - they could be causing problems.

Have a good look at each with a magnifying glass - in any case blow out contacts with compressed air.

Or pick out with plastic tweezers or something non conductive.

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