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El Apple Watch Series 1 es una versión renovada del Apple Watch original anunciado el 7 de septiembre de 2016. La mayoría de las partes son las mismas que en el Series !.

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New battery doesn't seem to want to hold a charge

I ordered and followed the video instructions to replace the iPhone battery for a series 1. I also replaced the adhesive strip and the pressure band. The battery was at 0% so I charged it until it was at 100%, then gave it to my mother. The battery does not seem to want to hold a charge for more then a couple of hours. It's not getting much of a workout with my 80 year old mom, it's mostly keeps time and helps her find her phone.

So, what can I do?

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Did you get a quality battery? Or you could have a defective one also. Make sure all of your chargers are OEM or MFI Certified aftermarket chargers. Cheap aftermarket chargers can cause voltage spikes and damage the tristar ic which is the chip that controls charging and data transfer to and from the phone.

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It turned out to be the charger that was being used. I was using one charger, that would charge the watch fine. My wife had another charger that didn't work, it actually seemed to drain the battery. Threw hers away and gave her mine and amazingly it fixed the problem.

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