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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Xbox 360 dvd/cd drive issues

Hello, i am trying to resurrect an old xbox 360 which was manufactured in 2007, initially it was over heating so i have taken it apart and added new thermal paste to the chips on the motherboard and with that the xbox is turning on without any RROD. Now my issue is that the CD/DVD tray will not open/close or read any discs even if i manually open the tray and insert a game disc. i have attempted to open the drive using the push button as well as giving the open tray command after the console boots up. i have seen several videos where people have said to open up the drive and perform some cleaning maintenance however that has not helped my case. I have taken a few screenshots and a small video to show what the drive is doing. I see that the laser light comes on and stays on for the full duration, not sure if that is normal? Has anyone experienced this issue before and if so, what did you do to fix it? do i need to just replace the whole drive and do the whole pcb swap or can i replace few internal parts within this drive to get it working again? thanks for your input

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Usually when one of these drives stick, it’s due to a bad optical drive belt or worn out motor - as long as it’s reading discs, this is usually where the problem lies.

The cheap fix is to replace the DVD drive belt, which usually fixes the problem. You can find a new belt on eBay. If it still has issues, the motor is bad. While you can replace the motor, you need a identical 5V replacement which can be used in place of the factory one - depending on your skillset, this may be more then you want to deal with and should look into replacing the DVD drive.

On the 360, you MUST match the drive brands unlike the original or you will be console banned - and unable to read discs. As we do not know which one you have, you’re on your own - some of them are easier to get then others.

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well so im sorta inclining towards it being the motor because i dont hear any sound that will indicate that the drive is trying to open but is struggling. i have looked at the drive belt, cleaned it and it looks in a good condition. the model of my drive is VAD6038, which is a Philips BenQ

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@diyaddict Those belts can be deceptive - I've seen it where it *looks* okay but once you look at it closely it's worn out.

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gotcha, well so if the belt was the issue, shouldnt i be hearing some kind of clicking type of noise from the motor?

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@diyaddict No - tray issues are the common symptom for a bad belt.

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