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MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro, manufactured by Micro-Star International, this powerful gaming machine was released in March of 2014

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Dark Rock Slim does not work with AM4 sockets


I built my first PC myself about 1.5 weeks

ago with the following components: MSI X470 Gaming Plus MAX

Ryzen 5 3600

Dark Rock Slim

G.Skill Aegis RAM (2x8GB)

(other components gladly on request)

now had I have problems installing the cooler:

I put the spacers out, put the brackets on and screwed them on, applied thermal grease, and put the cooler on.

Then the "bridge" must be put through the cooler and screwed to the brackets, usually so that the prongs of the bridge point downwards so that they interlock with the prongs of the cooler.

The problem came up that there was a loose 0.5-1 CM distance between the bridge and the brackets, so it could not be screwed together.

I then turned the bridge over as an emergency solution, then the screwing worked, but the radiator is not really stuck.

I hope someone has an idea of what it could be ...

Best regards

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Hello? Can anyone help me?

- de

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The CPU Cooler is compatible with AM4 socket motherboards. Have you verified that the cooler is mounted correctly with the backplate and screws for AM4 socket?

I recommend watching this video provided by the manufacturer to make sure:

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Please see the following vid for the installation:

It’s difficult to say without pictures. If you still have issues after the video, please let us know.

Note: Make sure you got the backplate right, otherwise it won’t fit as it should.

EDIT: Sorry Ben, just saw your post when I submitted the answer.

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Hi @ koppie007,

Ditto for me


- de

No Problem! We gave all our thoughts right now :) !

- de

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Hi @laurayuan ,

Don’t know the answer but according to the installation guide - see AM4 installation (click on Documents > manual) did you remove the plastic retainers as described in the guide? Not quite sure if this is what you meant when you said “I put the spacers out…….”

Here’s the quote from the guide:

“To permit mounting of the cooler please remove both the plastic retainers of the AMD retention module. The factory fitted backplate affixed to the rear side of the motherboard will be needed for subsequent installation of the cooler.”

If you have then, try contacting the manufacturer’s support line for advice.

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