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iPhone 7 Touch ID Not Scanning/Spazzing Touch

I just did a battery replacement on an iPhone 7. Very clean, didn’t touch anything I didn’t need to, and was very gentile with the device. After putting together, it said Touch ID Not Available and the home button stopped working. So I took it apart again, disconnected the screen connectors, and then air blew the connectors. After doing this, the home button works and there is no “Touch ID Not Available” pop up. Yet when trying to read a fingerprint on the lock screen, the phone spazzes in and out of Reachability, and when entering the Touch ID settings in Touch ID and Passcode settings, it allows me to add a fingerprint and tells me that I am pressing too hard on the screen. I tried hard rebooting and even replacing the Taptic Engine but am at a total loss of what the issue could be. Here are pictures of everything that may help someone more knowledgeable than me help diagnose this issue.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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You need to check the home button cable that goes from the screen to the motherboard. Check under some sort of magnification for a small tear in the flex, it usually occurs at the 90 degree bend.

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I thought this too and checked it but didn’t notice anything wrong or torn? See the 3rd picture. Not saying that’s not the issue but I would hope that I would see something there if it was what was wrong

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Some tears are microscopic I usually put them under a microscope to check but you will need to try another screen. If it is still the same it would point to the home button assembly.

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