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El Xbox original es el primer sistema de videojuegos de Microsoft. Tiene una carcasa negra fácilmente identificable con 'XBOX' blasonado en la parte superior y frontal. La reparación es fácil con herramientas comunes.

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Xbox original don't read games but dvd reader works on other console

Hi, I’ ve an Xbox classic that I’ve removed clock cap because it had realesed acid on motherboard and I cleaned the part and done some solder traces near clock cap. The problem is that console don’t read games. I thought that wat the dvd reader but I’ve tried an other dvd rom but nothing, instead its dvd reader works fine on another Xbox. Console tries to read but after go to the clock screen. Thanks.

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The laser is a known fault with these, to the point it’s somewhat common for these to be temperamental even with a known good drive. It tends to be more of an issue with the early Thompson drives, but the Samsung SDG-605 -006 is almost as bad. You’ll need to seek out a new DVD drive, or a compatible laser. However, sometimes you can clean the lens with alcohol and get it working again.

You want to avoid anything made by Thompson (junk; do not buy) and TRY to avoid the SDG-605 -006 due to the CD-R issue; the -005 is okay. If you can find one (and can afford it!), get the Hitatchi. These are relatively rare as they’re pretty much only used in the 1.6 console, but these are far better then the others. However, if you want to play legally owned backups the Samsungs are the better choice.

Since these do not care about the optical drive “matching” like the 360/One - and Live has not worked since 2010 which would be the only reason to care, find a used Philips or Samsung drive that is tested, unless you’re getting it for practically nothing - they have fewer problems without being expen$ive and rare like the Hitatchi used in the 1.6 systems. Refer to this guide to change the drive.

I get it with these - I got 2 for $40 (1 was ready to use and the other has this issue) and it took a while to find a reasonably priced laser since I have the Samsung drive in that one.

If that doesn’t work, it’s likely an ATA logic issue that’s isolated to the optical drive, but not the hard drive. Usually ATA logic causes it to display a service error, but it can happen in odd ways. You normally get a service required error like this with a matching error code:

Block Image

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Hi, thanks for the answer but I've tried 4 dvd rom(2 philips, thomson and samsung) that thy work on 2 other xbox..ony in this console they don't work. could be hd broken or other? thanks.

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@shinobi76 The hard drive would cause a service required message. It may be an ATA logic failure if even the high failure rate Thompsons aren't causing an issue. It took me 14 months on and off to find one that was compatible.

These drives can be touchy, especially the Thompson. Hence why I waited to fix my bad laser Xbox.

- de

Solved. After I’ve removed clock capacitor at start the console goes to the data clock screen instead of normal menù. Press A button on the pad to start the games on your dvd drive. It was very simple. I thought that dvd reader wasn’t working but was a simple a litte more passage to do to start games. Thanks for answer anyway.

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@shinobi76 Both of mine are still holding time, but I have 2004 units. They lose the time if they sit too long, but it's maintained with an electrolytic capacitor.

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Hi, so I could replace it with an electrolytic capacitor? Thanks in advance.

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