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Missing diode on pin 15 help ID value

hey guys I have a ps4 which needed hdmi port but lost diode in the process. Win the battle lost the war.

Can anyone tell me where I can source another?


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Try they repair a lot xbox's.

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? It's a PlayStation?

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He does a lot of game systems

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I would give and see if he has the value.

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@barriphone you have been on here long enough to realize that we usually do not recommend repair services that are not verified or iFixit members. Those are very subjective answers and can be construed as SPAM. I moved your first answer to a comment. Remember that for the OP that comes here for assistance we are the repair center. If we can not directly assist with the repair we generally refer to an online search etc. Just popping someone's business as an answer is not good practice

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@oldturkey03 @gfix Unfortunately, I don't know of a place to source those other than from junk PS4 motherboards. It will work fine without that diode but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use it long term without it. I just know that it does work without it.

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i am having same issue did you find diode. is it diode or resistor

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