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La línea de laptops iBook de Apple fue planeada para el consumidor y los mercados educativos. La línea de iBook consta del iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", y G4 14".

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Freezes after keyboard replacment

I installed a new keyboard in the 12 inch ibook, now when it is powered up the screen freezes. I took it apart to check and all steps followed found everything as ifixit showed. Could it be the keyboard or something I might have done?


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Can you tell us why you replaced the keyboard? What was it doing before the replacement?

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Please tell us which type of iBook you have. G3 or G4, etc.

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Did you replace the keyboard because of a liquid spill on it ?

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Hi! Do you have an Airport installed in this machine? The reason I'm asking is that I've often found that if the metal Airport antenna plug is left loose and dangling, and the memory shield is not installed, it can short out the computer by touching the memory or other components on the logic board. Probably an unlikely scenario in your case, but something to look out for.

I would also turn the computer upside down and shake it lightly, and see if you hear loose screws. Loose screws bouncing around inside the case can also short out the board. I've been sold many a "freezing" iBook only to discover the laptop was fine, but that there were loose screws inside causing it to freeze occasionally.

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Try running the computer without the keyboard installed, and see if it boots up. The only things you have the potential to mess up by changing the keyboard, are the keyboard, the RAM, and The airport card. If you want, try re-seating the RAM

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