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Connecting an ESD mat to GFCI ground

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The attached photo shows my situation. I’m trying to attach an ESD mat to ground, and the nearest outlet in my basement man-cave is a GFCI outlet. Is there an obvious way for me to attach the grounding cord? You can see it in the foreground of the picture. It’s intended to attach to the central screw of a normal outlet.


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hi, There's no image showing with your question.

Here's how to do this in ifixit Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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Done. Thanks.

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It appears as though the power supply wiring is in a metal conduit, is this correct?

Is it earthed?

If it is then just hook up the ESD mat to the screw on the conduit or the socket mounting box.

I'm suspecting that it should be earthed but that may depend on the electrical wiring standards where you are. It is where I am, to prevent the pipe from becoming “live” due to a possible wiring fault

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Some professional electricians added the outlet boxes a number of years ago, and I have reason to believe that they followed standards. So I’ve done as you suggest, connecting the cable to one of the screws in the corner of one of the boxes. Thanks!

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