Broken hinge and the laptop screen won't turn on


I'm having some great issues with my computer since I tried to fix it myself (as always). First, I wasn't able to get WiFi connection for this or that reason and I decided to explore myself on the hardware of my laptop. The issue wasn't solved and others appeared : first, my laptop screen won't turn on. It stayed black, but the laptop was definitely working. Second, the hinge of my laptop was absolutely destroyed and there was a missing part of plastic. I could even see the LVDS cables between the motherboard and the screen of my laptop.

So here I am now :

A black screen at boot, the logo (MSI dragon behind the screen) doesn't turn on too. I tried to plug in an external monitor with a HDMI cable - this works perfectly fine. The hinge of my laptop is really damaged at its left side, where I could see the LVDS cable (which might be the issue). I thought about several things : is my GPU dead ? No, otherwise it couldn't work on another display. Is my screen dead ? Perhaps, can't tell. Is there any cable unplugged or damaged ? Perhaps, can't tell. Oh but, I fixed the WiFi issue!

Is there anything to do ? Such as a motherboard reset (with the circular battery at the middle of the motherboard) ? Try to plug, unplug, plug again, every wire ?

Before sending my laptop to a fixing center, is there anything you could recommend me to do to try fixing the issue ? Thank you a lot !

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