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La más pequeña de los ordenadores portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Why is Keychain not working?

I have a MBA running Sierra. This is a teachers laptop and I am signed in under her account. Frequently, the "Accountsd Wants to Use the Login Keychain" message will appear and after I enter the password to the account it will disappear. It doesn't always appear but something prompts it to appear.

Obviously there is no Keychain First Aid anymore so I can't use it. I don't really want to mess around too much with the laptop because it is not mine and I don't want to lose anything saved.

I have already looked at the support document ( and I don't know if changing the password for "login" will resolve the issue.

However now I am getting " wants to use "login" keychain" message. I don't know if changing the password for "login" as described in the document will resolve ANY keychain message where it wants the password.

Going forward, I need to resolve this issue so it doesn't keep asking and prompting for a password. Then I can return the laptop to the teacher and the Keychain issue will be resolved.

However, I am cautious about doing anything with Keychain because it is not my passwords and related information.

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I would be careful here! I would contact the teacher to see what she wants to do.

As an example you should make a fresh backup before altering anything. The teacher needs to have the system as they will need to confirm the password change Two-factor authentication for Apple ID

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Well I am careful and she wants me to fix the Keychain issues that continue to come up.

- de

Does she have a current backup of her stuff?

- de

Well, I copied her files off the laptop. I am thinking of creating another user account.

- de

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jkbmjp, apologies for chiming in with a question about something else on your new thread, but I would really like to find out what you did for a solution to this situation:

What is a good SSD adapter?

SSD adapter for MBA. I’m in need for the same model (mid-2013). I’m a bit new here so I don’t see a way I may contact you directly and don’t know if you get notified when I respond on an old post or if I have to hope that you visit it. Thanks for understanding.

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