G5 wont boot any ideas other than Power Supply?

It has been zapped by a power surge while on or something of the like (surge/drop etc). It was recently-along with an ADC surge protector and my modem. ADC replaced the surge protector and the modem and gave me money for damage. FYI

I took it to shop- they told me it was in working order. They took parts from an older non working tower and swapped them (basically swapped video cards and ram). It worked for a day or 2 then no more. Then I took it to my brother (the shop obviously didnt know what they were talking about) and my brother said it booted up fine for him. He though I was crazy, EO. I went over to his house a month later to swap parts or figure it out on my own and he booted it up first hoping to show me it worked, and it did not boot. So we swapped power supplies. I did not test the PS when we had it out unfortunately.


Is making the fans spin when testing a power supply really a concrete test? I tested the one we removed after I got it home. Fans spun fine on 14 & 23.

Any ideas on what this might be other than power supply? Do you think I can test PS when it is in the tower? I don’t think I can get all plugs unhooked without removing the processor.

I always get the click; the light (near the power button) sometimes comes on but not always. I have not tried the hair dryer trick yet.

Any ideas are welcome! I am at my wits end, they either work or are parted (which is better than garbage) but for some stupid reason I like this model-I know I’m not alone.

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