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Guías para la versión Wi-Fi del iPad Mini 4: modelo A1538. Anunciado el 9 de septiembre de 2015, el iPad Mini 4 es el sucesor del iPad Mini 3.

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After charging to 100% iPad turns off due to low battery

Hey guys,

Recently I have problems with my iPad mini 4 Wi-FI.

After charging to 100% battery, iPad turns itself off with low battery indicator. If i try to turn it on just after - it still shows low battery and won’t start. After few tries it allows me to turn on again, it boots to the main screen, I can see that battery is at 100%, but if I try to do anything it shuts off again with the same low battery indicator.

It usually takes several tries (even more than 10) to get it running again.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong? I never let it drain to 0% and turn it off by itself.

Appreciate any help!


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Was it ever repaired? Can you check battery health? You can use software such as 3UTools for Windows or Coconut battery for Mac to check battery health. Tell us what the design capacity is at.

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Thank you. The iPad was never repaired, there were no issues with it ever, until this one. I checked the device via 3UT, it says that the battery life is as 78%.

The battery life itself is not a problem for me, the issue is that if it is charged at 100% it's almost impossible to turn on the device. While it is connected to PC or to the charger it is working fine. If i unplug it at 100% it turns off due to low battery error all the time.

If the battery is lower than 100%, even 98-99% I can turn it on without problems as well.

I have no idea what to do.

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Battery temp is 30.8 C, charge times is 1256. Capacity at this point is 3915 / 5018 mAh.

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I see that your battery health is under 80%. From my personal experience with repairs, the majority of apple products under 85% battery health suffer symptoms like this. The battery will need replaced to remedy this issue.

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