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Lenovo tablet released in 2014. Model number A5500

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Charges and brand appears, but not opening

Not used since 2016. Charged it (May not be original cables). The brand comes up on screen, plays a tune with animation, and then brand just stays on screen. Tried holding power button for 20 sec. Screen goes blank for a few seconds, then back to the brand screen again. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like your device is going into a boot loop stage. Because of this, you may have to perform a factory reset or clear the cache partition, both being done in the recovery menu. While the device is completely powered off, you can enter the recovery menu by holding both the power and volume up button simultaneously until a menu appears on the screen. From there, you will have options for both. To move around, volume up us the up key, and down is down, with power or tapping of the screen being select. First, I would recommend that you clear the cache partition (doesn’t wipe any data on the device) and see if it is fixed. If not, perform a factory reset, which will wipe all data. Hopefully this will help you get your device back to a normal state.

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Unfortunately it didn’t work. On pressing power and up button, the menu appeared, but when press up or down arrow it goes back to the brand screen. Tried a couple times. Won’t even turn off. After 12sec holding power button, it goes back to lolgo screen.

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Hi @clairebowen ,

The battery may not be in the best condition even if it shows that it is fully charged as these types of batteries need to be charged regularly to be kept in a good condition as they may fail when under load etc if left for a long time without being charged.

What is the battery charge state after you charge the battery and then attempt what was suggested before? Has it dropped significantly?

If it falls quickly perhaps the battery needs to be replaced before attempting anything

Since a factory reset hasn’t resolved the problem try reloading the firmware and check if that works.

Note the disclaimer in the link regarding doing this at your own risk. Just so that you’re aware of this.

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