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Guías de reparación y información de desmontaje del Mac Pro de cuarta generación, lanzada en Diciembre de 2019.

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Top USB/Thunderbolt ports not working

My Mac Pro 7,1 (2019) two top Thunderbolt ports do not work as either USB or Thunderbolt. They can however charge devices.

My Pro XDR Display doesn’t work when plugged into the top ports, it only works with Apple I/O card.

The system inspector only shows 1 Thunderbolt Bus

Block Image

I reset the NVRAM and SMC to no effect.

Does anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?

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Take it to Apple and make them deal with it. It’s still under warranty plus parts aren’t available yet.

Since the Apple stores are closed, it may be a case where you need the riser board that’s screwed into the case. I’ll work on the APN but that’s what the part looks like, but for now I’m stuck since nothing has leaked on this one yet.

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Easier said than done. I live in California and all Apple Stores are closed and there’s no knowing when they will reopen.

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@Richard Plom Oh right... Usually when this comes up, it's because someone lives near one and they don't want to go.

Still having trouble finding it, so you may need to get a case if it's part of the case assembly. I would see if reconnecting them helps, but don't tell Apple you tried.

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I'd love to see a system report of a similar Mac Pro so I know what it should look like. I don't have a baseline.

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I might try reseating that riser, maybe it was dislodged during shipment.

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BTW I also just bought a Manta!

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