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Monitor went blank while playing a game. PC turns on, but wont boot

When i was playing Warframe, the monitor suddenly went blank and lost the signal from the PC. When this occurred the pc was still running.

When i power on the pc, the monitor displays "No Signal" and the screen goes to sleep.

All the components seem to be working and light up, including the keyboard and mouse

To find out if it was the monitor was still working properly, i connected it to my PS4 and to my neighbours PC and it worked fine. So i ruled out the monitor.

I also tried different hdmi cables and nothing had changed. Then I cleaned my PC and followed several steps to get it back working:

1.I removed the power cable, and hard pressed the power button for 30sec/1min/2min

2.I removed the ram sticks and cleaned them with an eraser and a soft cloth, i put the 2 sticks in the other 2 slots.

Put 1 ram stick at a time.

3.Reseated the gpu.

5.Removed every single PC connection (except the cpu) and put them back

6.Went through all the wiring to see if there is any loose connection.

7.Removed CMOS battery and put it back, also tried putting a new compatible battery8

8.Put gpu into other PCI-e slot

9.Rebuilt PC outside of Case

All the actions i described above have failed

I encountered this similar situation twice before:

The first time, my monitor wasnt displaying anything right after I had just cleaned the PC, I thought i might have disturbed some connection and nudged the wires and just firmly pressed the wires into the ports which fixed it.

The second time, the same problem occured when i shifted my pc to another room. I did the same thing as the b4 and it worked after 1-2 hours of tearing apart the pc and just pressing the parts into their positions

However, i had never encountered this problem WHILE using the PC, and after trying all sorts of stuff, i havent been able to figure out what component has been damaged and what even happened in the first place. I will atleast be happy if i get to know the specifics of this issue and dont mind replacing psu, ram sticks,drives if im 100% sure where the problem is. Rightnow nothing is displaying on the monitor and i cant open the BIOS.

My cpu DOESNT have integrated graphics so cant see if the gpu is at fault by connecting hdmi to mobo.

I have been using the computer for the past 3 years

I have been playing Warframe from the past 2 weeks, and i have noticed that the PC gets very hot during gameplay, the glass panel is pretty warm when i put my palm on it.

I ASSUME that my PSU had been damaged and needs a replacement, however the PSU i own seems to be of good quality and i doublt it is faulty as all the other components and keyboard mouse recieve power and light up. And i dont think PSU’s can fail so suddenly.

or it might have been an issue of overheating.

Also i dont have a sound cable attatched to the mobo, so i cant hear any beeps.

It would be great if someone could give me any tips or guides, Rightnow its lockdown in India and i cant go out or buy any PC part. I was enjoying my holidays as i have passed out of highschool, got selected in a good college and I now taking rest. Started playing games again after 2 years of hardwork and its dissapointing that something could have happened to my PC, as i think of it as my child.


AMD Ryzen 1600x with stock cooler

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3

GPU: AMD RX580 8gb

Ram: 2x8gb Corsair Vengence 2400Mhz DDR4

2xintake fans + 1 exaust fan + empty air vent

1x 120gb SSD + 1x1TB HDD

PSU: Corsair CX650M

Case: NZXT s340 elite

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> 8.Put gpu into other PCI-e slot

Can you check the GPU with another PC - like a friends'

> PC gets very hot during gameplay, the glass panel is p

Possible sign that GPU may be at fault.

buy the cheapest GPU that you can buy in the lockdown and try.

- de

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Hi @rohitko ,

Do you get a manufacturer’s logo screen if you disconnect both SSD + HDD and start the desktop?

If so can you get into BIOS OK?

If not, you may have to source a system speaker and connect it to the motherboard to check for any beeps, as this will speed things up if there are any. See image below.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it, here’s how to test the PSU to see if it is outputting all the correct voltages.

Update (04/07/2020)

Here’s an image of the plug connection left speaker, right speaker and earth.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Wire +speak on motherboard to tip (left channel)

Wire -speak on motherboard to sleeve (earth)

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Hi, thank you for replying

I do not get the manufacturers logo when i power on the PC, even when i disconnected the ssd+ hdd

I cannot get into BIOS

i do not have a DMM or a system speaker. I know the speaker will ease things as i will get to know the problem with the beep, but rightnow i cannot get any additional parts.

I would like to know if it is possible that my psu is faulty even though it powers everything?

Or if the cpu is damaged and thats why i can only go as far as turning my pc with no POST

- de

@rohitko ,

You don't know if your PSU is powering everything as there are voltage feeds for the CPU, the motherboard circuits and the GPU in the supplies from the PSU as well as the peripherals. Check the number of supplies in the pinout of the main motherboard power cable connector in the link that I posted and that doesn't include an add in GPU

Since the HDD seems to be operating (assuming you hear it spin up - you can't hear an SSD) and the CPU fan and chassis fan are operating (again assuming) and some lights etc it appears that some voltage supplies are there

But the others supplies are at this stage unknown Also they may not be the correct value if they are there.

The only way to know without having a DMM is to replace the PSU with a compatible known working one and check what happens.

Also having the system speaker is nearly a must for DIY repairs. Maybe you can contrive something.

- de

There is a slight possibilty that I might get hold of another psu from the pc my friend built. But if i do get hold of it, is there a possibilty of damaging his if i connect it to my parts and one of the parts damage the psu. Since i dont want any harm to his psu.

- de

I did the 24pin power cable test by connecting two ports and the psu fan spin. I have to get a hold of a multimeter and system speaker which might take a couple of months.

Is it possible for a Psu to get damaged due to power fluctuations from the mains even though i connected it to a surge protector. As there have been a couple of cases of devices failing due to this isse in my neighbourhood.

I would like to also look into the issue of overheating. From the past two weeks, while gaming, I get a gush of hot air from exaust and pc is hot on touch. When i have seen these cases online, most people generally face the problem of pc not turning on at all if cpu overheats. So can i conclude that my cpu is fine?

- de

@rohitko ,

Power fluctuations are always a danger.

How good is the surge protector?

The better ones give an indication that they have operated in preventing a power surge so that they can either be reset or replaced. Lesser quality ones may give an indication that they have operated by the fact that there is no longer power available from them and they need to be replaced. Poorer quality ones, are mostly of the sacrificial type, give no indication at all that they have operated and may still provide power but they will no longer provide any protection at all after they have operated the first time, so you are unaware whether they are still functional or not.

It is normal for CPU to get hot when intensive activity is happening as it means a lot of work for the CPU to do.

You might like to check the fan for dust etc and also the CPU thermal paste to see if that needs refreshing but beyond that all you can do is to occasionally check the CPU temps to see if they are OK. I think that there are programs online that will do this.

That's always the risk you take when swapping parts.

I realize that there is a lockdown which makes things hard and I'm not suggesting at all that you "break" the lockdown rules because at the moment this is the only way we all have to control the spread of COVID-19, you just might have to wait.

See if you can make a "speaker" using a normal headset even cheap earphones.

Connect two wires to the tip and sleeve of the headset cable plug (1st and 3nd ring connector from the tip if a 3 ring plug) and wire them to the speaker header pins on the motherboard as shown above.

Make sure that there are no short circuits (wires touching any other terminals posts, motherboard etc) when you connect the wires.

Also make sure that the power is totally disconnected from the PSU and be careful when working on the motherboard

That way one headset speaker will be connected to the motherboard and hopefully you will hear something.

This may help as long as you know what BIOS is installed, as 1 beep is POST OK in Award BIOS but not in AMI BIOS. In AMI it appears that no beeps means a successful POST

Gigabyte beep error codes

- de

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