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White screen on iPod


Does the fact that the iPod is detected by iTunes indicates that the mainboard is fine ?

I have the same problem and I think my iPod has taken too much heat this summer ... but no liquid that I know of ..

So I plan to try to change the LCD screen but I would'nt like to buy an LCD screen if in fact it's the motherboard -- especially because it's out of stock.

So, since my iPod is recognized by windows and iTunes the question is: can I consider my iPod's motherboard fine ?



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Hey Hi,

I received the display and replaced it and the ipod does not work better -- so could that be the logic board: I guess there's not many other options ...

My problem is there is no logic board in stock -- what's the solution ?




eriam, I do feel bad about having suggested that you get a new display. I am pretty surprised about that since I have not yet come across a working logic board with a bad video processor, but I guess anything is possible. Your device is listed as a iPod Classic, can you give me more info on your iPod so that I at least can help you find a new logic board. Sure you checked your connections etc.? ;-)



I checked the connections and it works :)

The screen connection is especially delicate to put on imo.

Thanks anyways -- the ipod works fine now.



Yes it is and glad you got it working. Best of luck to you....


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If your ipod sync properly and has no other issues, your logic board will be okay. I bet it's the heat that destroyed your screen. Relative easy and inexpensive fix.

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