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A smartphone by LG released November 2012.

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Restoring data from a dead phone?

I’ve looked online a bunch but none of the things I found helped.. The phone has been dead for years, found it recently during cleaning. I know there are a ton of memories on it. Also, I THINK the phone model is correct.. it’s been years, but I’m 85% sure the one on the picture is identical.

When i plug the phone into my PC, it is detected.. but not recognised. Does a nonstop loop of connect noise-disconnect noise-device not recognised notification. Cannot turn it on at all, not even a screen lit up. Any ideas?

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Try replacing the battery -example only and see if the new battery will start to charge.

If it does start charging, allow it to charge >80% before attempting to turn on the phone.

It may be that the depleted/dead battery is causing problems with the power needed to start the phone i.e. trying to charge a dead battery and turn on a phone at the same time.

It’s a small enough gamble

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I'm afraid this is beyond battery issue.. The phone used to work on cable charge alone, without any battery.

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