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The Craig CMP801 is a windows tablet powered by a 1.83GHz Atom Z3735G Quad-Core CPU, has a 16GB storage and includes the following components: Bluetooth 4.0 version, HDM1 accessibility, SD slot, and 1GB RAM.

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ICraig 773 CMP773-BUN doesn´t not turn on


My ICraig touch screen tablet doesn´t turn on and keep shutting down.

Anyone may help me, please?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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Hi @handyhti ,

How can it shut down if it doesn't turn on?

What is actually happening if anything?

Does it do this with the charger connected and switched on?

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@jayeff Hi. I changed the USB charger in order to make sure the jack is ok. And the windows programme does not lauch properly. Moreover, it doesn´t semm to be charging.

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@jayeff As you know, this tablet is equiped with a keyboard with a USB jack, in case one does not feel comfortable to use the touch screen.

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@handyhti ,

OK so it was doing this before you changed the USB port?

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@jayeff I didn´t change the USB port yet. I am not using an origing ICraig battery too.

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I have made some progress as to the tablet not turning on or loading windows . No one on the internet seems to be getting anywhere. To get a menu to show up do this. Power completely off. Then power on and immediately hit the esc key. There you will get 6 icons.. it took me weeks to figure this out . Good luck and please thank me.

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Hi, thank you very much for your answer. I am going try it and let you know later on f it works. Best regards!

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