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VCR Won’t accept tapes and tape is slanted

I have a Magnavox MWD2206 VCR DVD Combo Player and it will not accept tapes. It will try to load them and then eject them. I thought taking it apart and cleaning the sensor would fix it but I saw the tape is titled at an angle and will not go in further into the player. Any way to fix this?

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Just wondering if you got this fixed?

I have a similar problem with my Akai video recorder. It was working fine but a cassette got stuck on ejecting. Tape is unthreaded from drum, but cassette seems to be stuck at an odd angle just like in your photo.

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Some old players actually used to slant the tape. Take a look at the spindles that drive the tape, and see if they are fully engaged or not. If they are not, there may be something bent preventing the tape from loading fully.

My local goodwill gets VCR all the time, and they are cheap. If you’re not getting very far with fixing this one, see if you can find another one. Make sure you bring a tape along that you don’t care about, and test it first before you buy it.

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